If I had had a daughter, I might have named her Genevieve. During a time when I was supportive of a MtF trans youth, I gifted her the name Genevieve as a means to provide her some psychological protection in an extremely abusive situation.

LGBTQ youth are at especially high risk of being homeless. During the time that I knew her, Genevieve was homeless for just a few days. With remote work and support from me and other people, she left an abusive situation, relocated and quickly got back into housing.

This site was started in hopes of providing generally useful information for LGBTQ individuals in order to try to reduce their risk of homelessness. Their risk is so high that you can't realistically wait until they are homeless to worry about it. If homelessness is an issue you care about, LGBTQ rights should be one of your causes.

Although I only knew Genevieve via internet, I gave her all the time I could spare for about nine months. I even began blogging to try to provide additional support in light of us living in very different time zones.

In other words, I would write for her during times when she was not online so she had something to read when she got online and I was at work or asleep. So this was pretty all consuming for several months.

Saying the relationship lasted nine months doesn't really capture how much information got exchanged. It probably makes it sound like a lot less than it really was because I talked with her and/or wrote for her several hours a day most days for three quarters of a year.

I seem to know a lot about the problem space, though she was my primary source of information on the topic and our relationship ended years ago. She was extremely bright, so she was a rich source of information concerning being trans.

As far as I know, she's a trans success story, in part because she had my support. Hopefully, a little of that can be captured here for the benefit of other trans individuals and the LGBTQ community generally.

I'm going to say right here that I'm not trans, so I will probably get some things wrong on this blog. That isn't being done out of hostility.

I can totally get "There is something invisibly very wrong with my body and I desperately need things to change." I can get that because I have a genetic disorder that was diagnosed late in life.

But I don't really get "My body is not the right gender." because I've never felt that way. So please forgive me if some of my points don't use the right terminology.

My understanding is that the MtF trans youth in question stopped using the name Genevieve when we had a falling out and the relationship ended. So using the name here is not doxxing her.